Children’s health

As a parent, I understand the many complications when a child is ill. Not only do our hearts get confronted with their suffering, we also have to make sacrifices to our sleep, work schedules and the rest of our family members. Chronic childhood conditions like asthma, allergies, anxiety and ADHD can take a serious toll on our productivity and especially our sanity.

Conventional pharmaceuticals have taken the lead in offering drug based solutions that sometimes come with serious side effects. Take for example, the prescription drug Ritalin which is an amphetamine given to young children for years to help with ADD symptoms. Drugs such as corticosteroids given for eczema or with albuterol for cough in allergic kids, can have serious side effects and neither treat the cause of these conditions, but they are at times needed to stabilize an acute flare.

At Good Natured Medicine, most importantly, we address the unique lifestyle, diet and allergens that increase the inflammation in your child’s body with simple practical interventions, and helping you identify those inflammatory items so you can reduce or eliminate them from your child’s environment and food. Dr. Lisa has had good success with ADHD, spectrum disorders, and allergies with the  holistic, gentle and effective modalities of homeopathy, craniosacral therapy and allergy elimination technique (NAET) to help your child’s immunity and overall well being.