Hormonal Imbalance

Libido, Fertility & Metabolism

Hormones are the slow moving messengers of big changes in the body. Once they gather in a great enough number and bind to their intended targets- hormone receptors- they can alter moods, skin, genitalia, weight, mental focus, appetite, drive, energy metabolism, blood sugar and of course our immune systems. Both men and women have estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other sex hormones- the difference is the relative quantities fo these hormones. Insulin, is the hormone that oversees blood sugar control. And, the famous stress hormone of cortisol has a dynamic effect on all of these hormones including the thyroid hormone.

Because of this dynamic interplay between hormones, it’s important to seek experienced guidance, and get thorough and appropriate testing of your hormones. Because of the periodicity of hormones, it’s important to do this on the right timeline as well. Dr. Lisa has both the experience and education to help you navigate back to balance, whether it’s PMS, Hashimoto’s disease, fertility difficulties, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or diabetes- we can help you make your way back to balance, with detoxification, diet, botanical and homeopathic medications to support fertility and pregnancy, as well as bio-identical hormones, appropriate thyroid medication, adrenal support and more.

Diet, stress and environmental factors play a role in your overall health and can have profound effects on your hormone balance. That’s why individualized nutritional support, inspiring stress relief methods and research based options are provided for your map back to balance.