Blood Sugar & Diabetes

Adult onset diabetes (AKA Diabetes Type II) and pre-diabetes are fast becoming the biggest long standing health problems in the world. The consequences of diabetes are seriously undesirable, as high blood sugar wears away the integrity of your blood vessels and nerve cells. That means heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, gangrene of toes and fingers, frequent infections, and many  more awful conditions can result from uncontrolled diabetes.

Now the good news, Good Natured medicine can nip your pre-diabetic state in the bud, prevent complications of diabetes type II and even turn around your diabetic state without prescription drugs! It is isn’t easy, but it is simple and it does require some lifestyle changes like improving your diet and your blood circulation (exercise) and regularly taking herbal medicines that improve your energy, your digestion and your organ health.

Click here for scheduling a free consult. We know lifestyle changes can be challenging and that is why we spend the time helping you understand the importance of lifestyle and food choices that keep you in balance and don’t lead to a sense of being deprived.