Anxiety is so prevalent in modern life it can be unnoticed or given a free pass under the name of ‘stress,’ at least until it becomes an insidious force in our lives. Unfortunately, many times, people don’t spend enough time with their health care provider to discuss their mental well being; and when the words anxiety or depression are used, there’s just enough time to get or renew a prescription for antidepressant or valium. Like all prescription drugs, there are side effects which can cause the same problems as they are meant to treat; and there really is very evidence for anti-depressant efficacy compared to placebo, fish oil or St. John’s wort. But taking them and weaning off of these medications have real side effects such as rebound anxiety and depression—they really change your neurochemistry and sometimes that’s what is needed. Side effects of Paxil include depression, anxiety, loss of libido, nausea, trembling, etc. Antidepressants are so readily prescribed that they are easily misprescribed.

Perhaps you’re blue because you lost a loved one or your job conditions have become difficult—these are easily understandable and perhaps you just needed a good listening to. Yet, many Americans are put on these drugs without addressing the cause, and you can imagine that Health Insurance companies notice if you’re a potential chronic depression case—this affects health care premiums, and your chances of embracing a label free state of wellness.

Good Natured Medicine can help you discover what is sapping your energy and holding you back. We offer guidance, support and effective ways that help you get in touch with the source of your hurt and the resources to resolve the tensions holding you back from expressing yourself fully and joyfully. Most of all, we take the time to listen and to hear and see who you really are and what you want to do with your precious human life.