Did you know that the strong foundation of health is in your gut? It is the cradle of your immune system, so to speak and it determines if you’re going to tend towards allergies or not. That’s why ensuring your gut and inflammation systems respond well to the world around you is key to reducing allergies.

From sneezing, itching & trouble breathing to chronic tummy complaints, allergies can present themselves in many ways even with joint pain. Besides these annoying and sometimes dangerous symptoms, allergies take a significant toll on your overall health. When the body’s defense system is constantly on high alert, you can get even more allergies as everything becomes a potential threat. And, even worse your defense system gets so overtaxed that you can’t protect your body from common colds and you may find you’re sick most of the time.

Good Natured Medicine can help you rebalance your immunity so that your defense system is in good working order. When your immune system is not able to see what is a real threat and what is not, it cannot respond effectively when it’s needed. We can help you re-educate your immune system, and reduce your allergy symptoms. For specific allergy elimination, in office treatments with the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is the most direct route to minimizing allergic reactions to many items. Yet, there are other obstacles to gut health including conditions like SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), IBS and stress that naturopathic medicine help you calm your immune system. Repairing and resting your gut and helping you identify what you are allergic to is a powerful step to a good immune system. Click here to schedule a free consult.