Women’s health

Our bodies are so ingenious, they are doing so many amazing things without us even being aware of it—like making sure our pancreas squirts out digestive enzymes, the glands beneath our tongue release enzymes to help digest food and our adrenal glands produce stress hormones so that we can survive in this crazy busy world. Women’s bodies have the additional wisdom of regulating a monthly cycle from puberty to menopause ensuring that hormones like estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and many others work together in a dynamic balance. With our changing lifestyles, diets and the huge stressors in our lives reproductive conditions like PMS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids and many more affect billions of women across the globe. Some populations are at increased risk for certain conditions, for example Asian women have higher rates of endometriosis. Conventional medicine has come up with specific surgical procedures like laparoscopic surgery and hormone replacement therapies (HRT), and for many this may be the solution. But for many women, one laparoscopy has led to another and HRT has not kept their endometriosis at bay. Why has conventional medicine failed to treat women’s health conditions with long standing positive results? Because the cause of women’s health concerns have not been addressed with effective and holistic methods. Sure you can cut out the fibroids or endometrial cysts, or even the entire uterus, but there are serious long term side effects (including infertility) when this is done without treating the underlying causes.

At Good Natured Medicine, we can help you create the best conditions for a healthy dynamic balance of your hormones. Our protocols for women’s conditions are thorough, gentle, holistic and effective without the serious side effects of conventional interventions. We address you as the unique person you are and we give you practical ways to help you realign with healthy responses to your body’s signals with cognitive, botanical and nutritional interventions to balance the many different hormonal interactions, your detoxification system, and the pathways of inflammation and aging. Our packages address these five fundamental systems: inflammation modulation, anti-oxidants, hormonal balance, liver support and stress management. Click here to take a quick survey that can help you learn more about women’s reproductive health condition and get you started on the path to balance!