“Your health is your root, let it support you as you blossom.”

— Dr. Lisa

Here’s a free holistic health survey, may it allow you to spot signs that might need further medical assessment. It is solely intended for your general information and motivation, it is not intended for diagnosing specific ailments. Enjoy!

Stress Pathway

1. Do you have sugar cravings?
2. Do you often have sugar and caffeine together?
3. Do you skip meals?
4. Do you feel shaky or get a headache if you skip or delay eating a meal?
5. Do you eat sugary snacks/pastries regularly?
6. Do you wake up a few hours after falling asleep
7. Are you too tired and wired to sleep?
8. Do you go to bed after 11pm regularly?
9. Do you get fatigued especially in mid morning or afternoon?
10. Do you have a hard time turning your “project” or “agenda” mind off?
Insulin Pathway 

1. Have you been thirstier than usual lately, especially in the middle of the night?
2. Are you urinating more frequently than usual?
3. Does your mouth feel dry, and you sometimes get a sweet taste in your mouth?
4. Do you feel fatigued, even to the point where you feel like you’re gonna pass out?
5. When you get a cut or bite does it take a long time to heal?
6. Have you started having body aches that last longer than a flu would?
7. Are you having a hard time concentrating and remembering things?
8. Are your hands and feet cold most of the time to the point of numbness?
9. Has your doctor told you have diabetes,  “pre-diabetes” or high blood sugar levels?
10. Are you getting skin, candida or yeast infections frequently?
Neurotransmitter Pathway

1. Do you have disrupted sleep where you can’t get to sleep or stay asleep?
2. Have you felt anxious, depressed or apathetic for longer than the last month?
3. Do you grind your teeth in your sleep?
4. Do you feel like you need to chew/or feel calmed by the motion of chewing?
5. Do you  often feel unworthy?
6. Do you feel highly sensitive to pain or touch?
7. Do you feel like crying all the time?
8. Have you ever taken and or benefited from an SSRI (paxil, prozac, etc)?
9. Do you feel an internal tension or  trembling?
10. Do you get migraines regularly?

Liver & GI pathway 

1. Have you ever had a sense of aching or discomfort in your upper Right ribcage?
2. Have you had a yeast infection or candida in the last 6 months?
3. Have you had or suspected a parasitic infection?
4. Are you highly sensitive to perfumes, smoke, scents?
5. Do you have chronic headaches?
6. Do you have acne or chronic skin conditions like skin tags or ringworm?
7. Do you get bloated or colicky after eating?
8. Are you an allergic person?
9. Do you ever see mucus or undigested food in your stool?
10. Do you get achy pains in the front area of your ribcage on your right side?


1. Do you feel tired on waking even after a good nights sleep?
2. Is it hard for your body to adjust to temperature changes, you’re the coldest or hottest?
3. Are you constipated often (i.e. you have <3-4 bowel movements on  a good week)
4. Do you feel sluggish and dull?
5. Is your appetite diminished but you’re still gaining or maintaing the same weight?
6. Have you noticed an increase in water retention or bloating?
7. Do you feel a fullness or tenderness in the front of your  throat?
8. Do you catch colds easily or have chronic allergy symptoms?
9. Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night

If you answered TRUE to more than 3 questions in any section, then schedule now so you can come in and a get complete holistic assessment and create your unique pathway to optimal health.

This is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition, (it’s the internet so that’s not really possible : ) it is specifically for general informational purposes only. If you scored high on any section it behooves you to see a medical professional sooner than later—cuz your health is your greatest wealth!

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