Though, we usually don’t like to experience it, pain is one of the most important ways our body’s communicate with us. Pain, along with redness, swelling and heat are the signs of inflammation, they’re referred to in Latin as the 4 classic signs of dolor, rubor, tumor, and calor. The pain pathway is dependent on turning the fats in cell membranes into chemical messengers and intermediates in the cycle of inflammation. Aspirin for example binds to an enzyme to ensure that the chemical intermediates are not made and thus the inflammation is checked, but not without side effects. You see the inflammatory pathway also makes chemical messengers and intermediate molecules that help with repair and one of these is prostaglandin, the good kind, that creates mucus to sooth the stomach lining. If you take aspirin longterm and at certain doses, the stomach lining can easily get craters called ulcers. Aspirin, ibuprofen, etc act as a temporary fix, and cause side effects that compound the original problems.

At Good Natured Medicine we see that inflammation is the fundamental condition for serious health issues ranging from eczema, to osteoporosis to cancer. Our approach is simple we help you re-stock your cell membranes with good fats, which you remember are the raw materials for the inflammatory pathway. Instead of reacting to an injury or an allergen with an intense response, the good fats modulate the response by creating intermediate molecules that turn the volume down on the inflammatory pathway. We also seek out the originating cause of the pain, and we work with you to create practical ways to lessen the mental, emotional and lifestyle impacts chronic pain can have including Craniosacral therapy and Hypnotherapy. These modalities help your mind and body adjust and respond in just the right ways to the dynamics of pain by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the state you are in when you are deep asleep or in deep meditation, which allows your body to enter repair mode.